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deadMorris Udall6/15/1922dead12/12/1998(76)
birthdayPeter Ueberroth9/2/1937alive86
birthdayBob Uecker1/26/1934alive90
birthdayLeslie Uggams5/25/1943alive81
birthdayLiv Ullmann12/16/1938alive85

Blair Underwood8/25/1964alive59

Carrie Underwood3/10/1983alive41
deadJim Unger1/21/1937dead5/29/2012(75)
deadJohnny Unitas5/7/1933dead9/11/2002(69)
deadAl Unser5/29/1939dead12/9/2021(82)
deadBobby Unser2/20/1934dead5/2/2021(87)
deadJohn Updike3/18/1932dead1/27/2009(76)
deadRobert Urich12/19/1946dead4/16/2002(55)
deadPeter Ustinov4/16/1921dead3/28/2004(82)

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