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deadRichard D. Zanuck12/13/1934dead7/13/2012(77)
deadFrank Zappa12/21/1940dead12/4/1993(52)

Renée Zellweger4/25/1969alive53

Robert Zemeckis5/14/1951alive71

Catherine Zeta-Jones9/25/1969alive53
deadWarren Zevon1/24/1947dead9/7/2003(56)
birthdayIan Ziering3/30/1964alive59
deadZig Ziglar11/6/1926dead11/28/2012(86)
deadEfrem Zimbalist Jr.11/30/1918dead5/2/2014(95)
deadDon Zimmer1/17/1931dead6/4/2014(83)

George Zimmer11/21/1948alive74

George Zimmerman10/5/1983alive39

Fuzzy Zoeller11/11/1951alive71

David Zucker10/16/1947alive75

Jerry Zucker3/11/1950alive73

Mark Zuckerberg5/4/1984alive38

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