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Dead or Alive Data Base - 7 August 2012
This web site originated in 1997, and since then it has seen several huge changes in format and presentation. For our latest overhaul, we decided to create an all-new site, Dead or Alive Data Base. With the new site, we will continue to add many new features, including photos and our Weekly Obituaries Roundup, a longtime feature of our popular mailing list. Because it's such a big change, we are leaving the old site, Who's Alive and Who's Dead, in place, so no one is being forced into an update they may not want. Deaths will be posted and new people will be added to both sites simultaneously, but if you want all the latest features, please visit

Birthplace Data Added - 22 March 2012
Birthplace data is now displayed on the details pages. Birthplaces have been entered for about half of the folks in the data base, including everyone in the Actors & Actresses list. Birthplaces will be added for everyone over time.

Android App Released - 11 January 2012
Who's Alive and Who's Dead is now available as an Android app. The app includes Recent Deaths, Today's Birthdays, and an option to search for people by last name or full name. The app is connected to the same online data base that's used by the Who's Alive and Who's Dead web site.

The app is compatible with Android versions 2.1 and higher. It's designed for phones, but it also works on tablets. The app is available for free in the Android Market.

Description Search Improved - 14 December 2010
Description search has been refined. Only complete terms will be now be matched when performing a description search. For example, searching for the word "gun" in a description will no longer produce matches on words like "begun" or phrases like "gung ho". Visitors who wish to search on partial terms can still do so by using the % wildcard symbol.

Advertising Policy Added - 24 July 2010
To assist and inform potential advertisers, our advertising policy was posted to the site on the "Privacy & Ad Policies" page.

Oscars Page Added - 29 May 2010
The Living Best Actor and Best Actress Oscar Winners page was added to the site and placed on the Extras list. This page lists every person who has received the Academy award for Best Actor in a Leading Role or Best Actress in a Leading Role and who is alive. The default sort is by date of birth; it also allows you to sort by last name or by the year that the award was won.

Site News and Updates Page Added - 29 May 2010
The Site News and Updates page (the page you're reading) was added as a place for the webmaster to post news about Who's Alive and Who's Dead and to post information about new and updated features.

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