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Born on 7/21
Sorted by Name
deadLes Aspin7/21/1938dead5/21/1995(56)
deadDon Knotts7/21/1924dead2/24/2006(81)
birthdayJon Lovitz7/21/1957alive62
deadHenry McCullough7/21/1943dead6/14/2016(72)
deadJanet Reno7/21/1938dead11/7/2016(78)
deadKay Starr7/21/1922dead11/3/2016(94)
birthdayCat Stevens7/21/1948alive71
deadMollie Sugden7/21/1922dead7/1/2009(86)
deadRobin Williams7/21/1951dead8/11/2014(63)

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