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Family Feud Hollywood Squares (1998)
Hee Haw

deadBuck Owens8/12/1929dead3/25/2006(76)
birthdayRoy Clark4/15/1933alive85

Barbi Benton1/28/1950alive68
deadArchie Campbell11/7/1914dead8/29/1989(74)
deadJim Hager8/30/1946dead5/1/2008(61)
deadJon Hager8/30/1946dead1/8/2009(62)
deadDonald Harron9/19/1924dead1/17/2015(90)

Gunilla Hutton5/15/1944alive74
deadGrandpa Jones10/20/1913dead2/19/1998(84)
deadGeorge Lindsey12/17/1928dead5/6/2012(83)
deadMinnie Pearl10/25/1912dead3/4/1996(83)

Lulu Roman5/6/1947alive71

Misty Rowe6/1/1952alive65
deadJunior Samples4/10/1926dead11/13/1983(57)

Gailard Sartain9/18/1946alive71
deadGordie Tapp6/4/1922dead12/18/2016(94)

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