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McHale's Navy Modern Family
The Mickey Mouse Club

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deadJimmie Dodd3/28/1910dead11/10/1964(54)
deadRoy Williams7/30/1907dead11/7/1976(69)

Sharon Baird8/16/1943alive78
birthdayBobby Burgess5/19/1941alive81

Lonnie Burr5/31/1943alive79
birthdayTommy Cole12/20/1941alive80
deadJohnny Crawford3/26/1946dead4/29/2021(75)
deadAnnette Funicello10/22/1942dead4/8/2013(70)
birthdayDarlene Gillespie4/8/1941alive81
deadDon Grady6/8/1944dead6/27/2012(68)
deadCheryl Holdridge6/20/1944dead1/6/2009(64)

Cubby O'Brien7/14/1946alive75
deadKaren Pendleton8/1/1946dead10/6/2019(73)

Paul Petersen9/23/1945alive76
deadDoreen Tracey4/13/1943dead1/10/2018(74)

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