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Little House on the Prairie Lost In Space
The Little Rascals

deadMatthew 'Stymie' Beard1/1/1925dead1/8/1981(56)
deadScotty Beckett10/4/1929dead5/10/1968(38)
birthdayRobert Blake9/18/1933alive84
deadTommy "Butch" Bond9/16/1927dead9/24/2005(78)
deadNorman "Chubby" Chaney1/18/1918dead5/29/1936(18)
deadJackie Cooper9/15/1922dead5/3/2011(88)
deadJean Darling8/23/1922dead9/4/2015(93)
deadDorothy DeBorba3/28/1925dead6/2/2010(85)
deadDarla Hood11/8/1931dead6/13/1979(47)
deadAllen 'Farina' Hoskins8/9/1920dead7/26/1980(59)
deadRobert 'Wheezer' Hutchins3/29/1925dead5/17/1945(20)
deadMary Ann Jackson1/14/1923dead12/17/2003(80)
deadBilly 'Froggy' Laughlin7/5/1932dead8/31/1948(16)
deadEugene Gordon "Porky" Lee10/25/1933dead10/16/2005(71)
deadGeorge 'Spanky' McFarland10/2/1928dead6/30/1993(64)
deadCarl 'Alfalfa' Switzer8/7/1927dead1/21/1959(31)
deadWilliam 'Buckwheat' Thomas3/12/1931dead10/10/1980(49)

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