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Hogan's Heroes Home Improvement
Hill Street Blues

birthdayDaniel J. Travanti3/7/1940alive81

Michael Warren3/5/1946alive75

Bruce Weitz5/27/1943alive78
birthdayJames B. Sikking3/5/1934alive87

Joe Spano7/7/1946alive75
birthdayTaurean Blacque5/10/1940alive81
deadKiel Martin7/26/1944dead12/28/1990(46)

Betty Thomas7/27/1947alive74

Charles Haid6/2/1943alive78

Veronica Hamel11/20/1943alive77
birthdayBarbara Bosson11/1/1939alive81
deadRene Enriquez11/24/1933dead3/23/1990(56)

Ed Marinaro3/31/1950alive71
deadMichael Conrad10/16/1925dead11/22/1983(58)
deadRobert Prosky12/13/1930dead12/8/2008(77)

Dennis Franz10/28/1944alive76

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