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If you enjoy this site, here are some other sites in which you may be interested:


  • Dead or Alive? - Of all the sites in this list, this one is the most similar to in scope, organization, and philosophy.
  • Is ... Still Alive? - Look up people to see if they are still alive. Includes recent deaths, today's birthdays, death anniversaries, and groupings by field. The data base includes people from the 19th century and later.
  • Dead People Server - Another site devoted to keeping track of the vital status of celebrities. American focus. Get ready for a lot of editorial/political opinions.
  • DeadCeleb - Like, DeadCeleb has lists of TV shows to help you see at a glance who's alive and who's dead from those shows. It also has alphabetical and yearly listings.
  • Noted Nonagenarians and Centenarians - Living people aged 90 and older.
  • Find A Grave - Death and burial information of the famous and non-famous.
  • Notable Names Database - An encylopedia of famous people, living and dead
  • - Has entries for over 20,000 people. You won't find minor TV stars or rock & roll band members here, but the more prominent acheivers in virtually every endeavor are listed. Warning: This site can be slow in recording recent deaths, and is not reliable for determining whether someone is still alive.
  • Biographical Dictionary - Includes more than 25,000 notable men and women from ancient times to the present day. This site is similar to, but it does a better job of recording recent deaths.
  • Celebrity Death Beeper - a mailing list that, like WA&WD, sends e-mail announcements when famous people die.
  • Life In Legacy A list of recent deaths, with pictures. They are organized by the date the person's death was announced, not by the date of death, so it's very good for checking on recent deaths, but not so good for looking up past deaths.
  • The Eternal Portal - Celebrity Memorials Obituaries of recently deceased celebrities, with photos.


  • The Internet Movie Database - Includes biographical data on thousands of actors and actress. Has powerful searching capabilities.
  • All-Movie Guide - Another very good source of biographical information for people in the movie and TV industry.
  • Voice Chasers - A data base of hundreds of voice actors (cartoons, commercial voice-overs, announcers, etc.)
  • All-Music Guide - Has biographical information on recording artists and bands.
  • The Political Graveyard - Biographical data on thousands of American politicians.
  • CNN/SI - Baseball All-Time Stats - Entries for every baseball player who has been on a major-leage roster from 1871 to the present!
  • Qui Est Mort? - An alive-or-dead web site for French and French-speaking people.
  • Famously Dead - Biographical accounts of people whose deaths were famous. The focus is on Americans from the 20th and 21st centuries, but there are also some figures from world history.
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